Robot? Tree? Kettle? Terrorist?

Got it in one! (…well actually four!) I am not a terrorist! A weird statement to make you may ask yourself – but I was (as good as) accused of being one quite recently and thought I’d share the story with you!

While I was away with my beau on holiday, we went to a nearby city for the afternoon. I wasn’t keen to steer away from that gorgeous view of ours – but my beau’s Gran was born in the city nearby and lived in the vicinity until the age of 7. My beau was quite keen to obtain her birth certificate and had hoped that by going to the town hall that this might be possible. Sadly, they don’t issue them on demand anymore – but I have since ordered one for him, resulting in much family tree research being done online. We knew the address where Gran lived, until her mother died, as a young girl – and wanted to visit to see what was left of the area and street. 

A new police station had been built on the site – with all of the old houses demolished completely. Knowing that there would be family wanting to not only hear about the place, but look at pictures, we decided to take a few photographs for all to see. As I stood there, dodging the rain and trying to get the best angle of everything, I realised I was being watched by a young man in a car directly opposite. I was standing in a parking bay and wondered whether he was waiting for me to move so that he could park there – so I motioned as much to him, at which, he left his car running, got out of the vehicle and walked quickly over to me.   

The city wasn’t the poshest or indeed friendliest of places – by far – so I wondered what he wanted. On asking he replied “I’m wondering why you’re taking pictures of a police station!?” I looked at the loose ID hanging around his neck which vaguely said something about the police on it – even though he only looked aged about twenty-nothing. I explained that technically we weren’t taking photos of the building as such – but instead the street where our ancestors lived – all in the name of family history. This was the point that he reminded me I could be accused of being a terrorist, pointing a lens at a police station and that in this current climate I should be more careful!

Now, call me old-fashioned – but me and my beau don’t look anything like terrorists! Not that I know what one looks like…not being one and all that…and even then I’m guessing that they’d probably go in disguise as two gay guys pretending to be researching family history…so I kinda got his point. I assured him I wasn’t – at which he turned and returned to his car – so I’m also guessing that I had convinced him sufficiently! ( I mean, I don’t even talk like a  terrorist!) 

The irony is – not the valid point that he was trying to make – more the fact that prior to us going to the site we had looked on Google Street View and dragged the ‘little man’ icon to the exact spot we were thus standing. In fact, on Google, we had a better view of the whole station because they had gone down the side street too (where Gran lived) and I was able to see driveways, locked gates, cars and all other useful and interesting information to use, …if I was a terrorist..that is! I could realistically sit and stare at these images all day on a computer if necessary – and with clearer imagery – because it wasn’t even raining when Google drove round!! 

I was astounded, enlightened, humoured and offended – all at the same time. My beau wasn’t impressed at all and asked if we could leave, straight away, forbidding me to take anymore photos! You’ll be pleased to know we weren’t arrested and nor were we searched by men in uniform…sadly!