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Well the busy time is continuing – but I’m surviving – so thought I’d drop by and say hello. I use your blogs as great procrastination tools – and have even been making time to comment – but thought I’d make a little post of my own to let you know what’s happening.

The MA assignment is surprisingly on track. I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do – but I’ve already reached my word quota – which, 3 days before deadline, is very good for me! ;-) What I’m really proud of though – is the fact that I am currently living in one room with my partner and cat – whilst the bedroom is getting demolished around my ears. The dorma window has ‘half’ been replaced so far – with much of the dorma roof having to be re-structured, re-panelled and re-plastered. There is dust everywhere – there is clutter everywhere – and yet I’m being surprisingly calm about it.

I’m normally one of those people who needs a tidy home before I can work – tidy place = tidy mind – apparently! So cleaning isn’t just a procrastination tool with me – it is essential for me so that I am able to organise my research, my papers and my thoughts. I’ve not had that luxury with this one – and that has been weird! Basically, I’m trying to block the mess out – or pass it off as a contemporary look – anything but the chaos it actually is. I’m just not looking forward to the HUGE clean up job afterwards either! Essentially the whole flat has to be cleaned from top to bottom as there is window, paint and dorma dirt and dust everywhere!! Where will I get the time!

The weather isn’t helping – it’s cold, wet and windy and the dust is flying; doors are continually banging and the flat is not my own! However, the assignment is happening and that is the main thing right now. I’m taking one day at a time. I’m switching home, work and university hats continually and doing it surprisingly well. Normally they blur uncontrollably which adds to both pressure and frustration. I still have tons and tons of work to do for my paid employment but I have handed in the important stuff so far – and have timetabled the next major haul of work to be completed after my assigment hand in this Friday – and post cleaning! All will be done before OFSTED arrive in 12 days time. It has to be be – so it will. I have faith.

On a more upbeat note – I had a wonderful weekend away in Manchester as part of my MA residential where we made lots of music, discussed theory and practice and talked futures whilst eating good food, drinking good wine and enjoying good company. There are ten of us on the M.A. course and we are all so different – yet we compliment each other so well. I believe that these people are not only good friends now – but amazing colleagues and contacts of the future.  

My embosser stamp has also arrived from the States. I ordered an ink stamp as well as the embosser which I intend to use on all of my card envelopes for sale in the Houdini Cards shop. Want to see? What do you think? I think the crown worked out especially well and I’m really happy with it.

So, basically that’s me – a brief catch up of where things are. I’m looking forward to getting to the end of this busy phase so that I can live again with a litle bit more freedom and spare time. In the meantime, take care of yourselves – and I will see you all soon.