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I thought I’d spend a little bit of time updating you all on what’s been happening lately. Nothing too exciting – but enough to take up all my time nonetheless.

I started the week going to see Judie Tzuke in concert live at the Lowry at Manchester’s Salford Quays. She was the lady that I talked about here in more detail. She was joined by her two daughters as backing singers and they entertained us for the night with her back catalogue of should-have-been hits.

The week got busier and more hectic with work commitments and my MA placement; involving lots of issues that both physically and emotionally challenged and drained me – and still is somewhat. My Dad has been unwell too – and on Friday morning was rushed into hospital to the emergency medical unit with suspected heart failure. His potassium and sodium levels within his blood are also inbalanced along with many other medically unstable things. I drove 100 miles south and spent the weekend with my Mum, taking her food shopping and visiting my Dad during the allocated times. He appears in high spirits and is doing great considering – so fingers crossed all will be well.

Of course, this also meant that I spent some additional time with Ben – and thankfully this visit he was more than happy to pose for the obligatory photographs. Wanna see? He followed me around constantly – and feel asleep on my knee at every opportunity – he really is so lovable and adorable. Cuddling up with Ben also made me feel so much better emotionally and spiritually.

I’ve also purchased a few lovely items from the local second hand market – including some pictures, some spats and some trinkets. A few of these items are for myself and others will eventually find their way into my Houdini House shop. I’ll share some photographs of these on another post soon.

I’ve also been to the final rehearsal for the ‘The Last Cuckoo’; – the song is, mostly, sounding good. The set is in position and the technical and dress rehearsals are now taking place – all before the opening night this Thursday! Exciting but scary stuff! So, that’s been my week in a small nutshell. I’ll drop by soon – as well as promising to try catch up on all your blogs. But for now, I’m off to bed as I’m knackered! ;-)