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This last week has seen the long-awaited arrival of ‘The Last Cuckoo’ performances. For anyone new to this blog –  this is a new show for which I was commissioned to write a song ‘Making Time (To Love)’. I have attached the slightly faster version of this tune that we eventually used within the show. So press the play button above and turn up your volume – LOUD!

I attended the premiere with much excitement, anticipation and (a little bit of) dread. The last time I had heard the song the actor had struggled somewhat with it – and I don’t mind admitting I left the final rehearsal a little worried. However, deep down I had faith in the actor – and indeed, live on stage he made the song his own – and delivered it with great passion on the night, albeit slightly different to how I had originally intended.

I recieved lots of positive feedback regarding the song – including from the actor himself who thinks I should be sending it on somewhere else to be released! If only it were that simple! It was also the first time that I had seen the show in its entirity – and I was very impressed by both the script and its delivery by the two actors. Find attached some screen shots from the play.

Both Paul and Olivia are such fine people and I had the pleasure of taking them to my local pub after the opening performance and post-soiree, to hear some live jazz. The show has since left Yorkshire and taken Berkshire by storm too. The short run is now complete – and now we must wait to see if any visiting theatres are interested in hiring the show. Regardless, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a production team again for the first time in many many years – and it’s been great to have one of my songs heard and appreciated by many people whilst sung by a great actor. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Thanks for all your comments and well wishes regarding my dad too. Much to my relief, he is home from hospital – although still not completely well or back to his old self. He is to be referred as an out-patient for more tests – and we are also awaiting some ECG results tomorrow from the doctor. But it was great to go home at the weekend again and see him sitting in his own chair as opposed to a hospital ward. An old gentleman lay dying for a week across from him during his stay – and eventually died the afternoon that my Dad was discharged. There is nothing remotely rehabilitating about witnessing this during your own hospital stay amongst concerns over your own health and fate! For this reason alone, despite my belief that my dad was discharged too soon – I am glad he is at home at least, surrounded by his family and his possessions – and much needed peace and quiet!

Going home also meant spending some more time with Ben – who is still as gorgeous. My beau and I spent alot of time helping clear the garden ready for winter – so of course he was out there with us, burrowing holes and being oh-so-cute and naughty! Want to see a couple of new pics I took of him?

That’s it for now. It’s been my beau’s birthday and we’ve been out for the day – plus I’ve had some more market finds – all of which I’ll share with you next time. Until then, take care…