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Despite technically being a wordless Wednesday post day, having not been here for a while, I decided I should at least write something! I’ve just returned from the doctors actually – and have been signed off sick for a week – so having just put the kettle on and taken an ibuprofen, thought I’d drop a little line to say hello to you all.

I’ve just been diagnosed (he thinks) with Tietze syndrome – which is an inflammation of the costal cartillages. I’m in quite a lot of pain, even when breathing deeply, so although it’s an incovenience (I’m quite busy at work etc) it’s good to be reassured that it isn’t a blood clot, heart attack or collapsed lung (all of which have very similar symptoms!) He has given me strict instruction to take myself to A&E should it get worse – other than that to rest.

I was getting observed at work tomorrow as part of an internal inspection; (I know, post-OFSTED!!!) The telling of this to the doctor produced a smile – and a sick note – especially for my place of work, who will no doubt think I’m making it all up! Truth is, I’m gutted, as I was mostly prepared (all but a few things I would have done tonight) and really would rather have gotton it out of the way! Now, all of the work I’ve done is wasted on this occasion! Oh well. I intend to get some much needed rest; plus I have a 6000 word assignment to start for my M.A – so I need to commence reading for that too! There’s always plenty to do!

I’ve been on a 3 day residential all weekend in Manchester as part of my Masters Degree. Sadly, it’s our last one – so we made sure we had a jolly old time with a sing-a-long and boogie at a friends blues gig (this was just prior to – and probably the cause of – being in pain) and banquets of food and wine! These residential weekends are always knackering; – full days at university followed by merriment until the early hours. It doesn’t help that I struggle to sleep in a strange bed surrounded by strange sounds too – so yes, I am shattered! So, the prospect of being able to rest these next few days is a good one! The course finishes in February too and I am so looking forward to completing it and [hopefully] graduating!

I don’t think I’ve been up to much else bar studying, working and catching up with friends and family; but hasn’t the weeks just flown. Of course, I’ve been to the market – although not as much as usual. Want to see what I’ve been buying?

Recent finds include: (clockwise) this little gold vintage wood and metal frame, a Swiss Reuge antique music box movement, a vintage green tin perfect for little sewing wares, a French tastevin wine tasting cup, a thin wooden plain, a chic black foiled mirror with the word ‘Bienvenue’ (‘Welcome’ in French), leather and linen vintage English tape measure, a pendant, an old unframed oil painting of a hyacinth pot and a set of old bibles.

Some of these have been listed in my Houdini House shop; some of which have already sold! I’m currently really enjoying the vintage wares side of my Etsy endeavours, although it’s so time consuming when you have to research, photograph and list an item – all for something that you only have one of! At least when my cards sell, after making some more I can re-list them – but the hard work has already been done!

The good news is that currently my Dad seems to be doing ok; he’s still not right, but he’s been back to the hospital for tests which is a step in the right direction. They are currently investigating whether or not he has sleep apnea. Thanks again all for your comments, thoughts and recent personal emails to see how things are.

Will leave you with a few pictures that I took 2 weeks ago in Bramhall Park in Manchester. My beau and I went to stay with friends who live nearby. It was a beautiful autumnal day – and I managed to get some great pictures of the scenery, the 14th century manor house – and their little boy too. Speak soon.