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As I’m still off sick – and still procrastinating (no M.A. reading has yet commenced!) I thought I’d stop by and say hello. I’m still in a lot of pain – and even the highest dose of ibuprofen is not dulling all of the agony. I made the big mistake of googling what was wrong with me too – which is never a good idea! Stories of people suffering for decades in unspeakable pain was almost enough to make me take to my bed; I didn’t for the simple reason that it hurts too much to lie down!

I’ve been keeping busy instead by compiling mini-discs of my favourite tunes, taking photographs and listing things within my Etsy Houdini House shop.  I listed another wooden letterpress word today: kitchen. Want to see?

I’ve had quite a few views and 2 hearts already – and it’s only been listed a couple of hours! I’ve listed a few other things too within my shop – so please feel free to bob along and take a sneaky peak.

Another thing which has been keeping me busy, is my new mobile phone – the HTC Desire HD – which arrived through the post the other day. I’m not normally a gadget kind of guy – yet I’ve really enjoyed playing around with its different features; using Android, downloading apps and organising the 7 rotating slide-screens. I’ve got a ‘word for the day’ programme, a retro camera application as well as many others. And have you ever played Teeter? It’s addictive! It’s great having the weather, my Facebook and Twitter accounts, bookmarked websites and other apps – all automatically updating – at the expense of the battery of course! I’ve bought two funky cases from the internet in which to house the phone too – so for the time being I’m ‘desirely’ and happily busy!  

My beau’s at work – so I think I’m going to have a soak in a nice hot bath to see if that eases anything – before getting into some clean stripey PJs and doing some much needed reading! Thanks for stopping by – speak soon ;-)