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Having been isolated in the flat for over a week, I decided to treat myself by going out for a few hours on Tuesday night. My beau had bought two tickets, many months ago, to see one of his favourite bands live: The Human League. I’ve always been a bit of a fan myself since being a kid – although my enthusiasm always tended to focus around their 1981 masterpiece ‘Dare!’ It had looked like I wouldn’t be up to going – but, as they were only performing 5 miles away I thought I should make the effort – for my beau and for my own sanity.

I’d only been to this particular venue once before – and this was many years ago. A friend’s niece had been invited to particpate in a Russian touring ballet company that utilised local children and dancers within some of their busier scenes. To say I had never seen anything so un-professional in all of my life would be an understatement!  Whilst looking remarkably good in tights (well it was The Nutcracker), the dancers would pirouette into the air…and crash into the scenery at the back of the stage! Unbelievable! This didn’t happen just once but many many times! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – the record (yes record – no live orchestra) started to jump! It was terrible with a capital Urrrrgh! Needless to say, these memories came flooding back to me as we walked into the auditorium.

I don’t know how I do it, but I always manage to get seats either next to or in front of the most noisiest (and dare I say commonest – no, I’d best not) audience members ever! Regardless, the show was fab with well known tune after tune being sung note perfect.  Others may disagree, but if the group isn’t known to you then check out their biggest (and best) album ‘Dare’ which contained 4 hit singles – including ‘Love Action’ and ‘Don’t You Want Me’.

By the end of the show I could feel my rib hurting again – and on leaving the theatre the snow started coming down very heavy; but we made it home – with only one potential slide into a parked car!

I’ve spent the rest of the week resting, reading and writing my assignment.  I’ve also taken a few more pictures for my Etsy shops and listed a few more items including these English hand painted stained glass church window segments – and this stunning ambrotype of a Victorian lady.    

I’ve managed to sell quite a few things in my shop this week – which is always a welcome bonus! – including the ‘KITCHEN’ wooden blocks which sold after being featured on the front page of Etsy! The buyer asked me to compile some other words for her as well – so who knows, maybe there could be an extra sale there too?

I also got commissioned to make a set of Christmas cards tonight as well by a lovely lady I’m linked to on Twitter. She took a beautiful photograph of her village telephone box in the snow – which I tweaked, altered and made into a card to see what it would look like. I sent her a copy and she fell in love with it – and now I’m making her a set to send out to her friends ;-) What do you think?