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Well, I’m still off poorly – can you believe it! Am still in a bit of pain with my side – but then it’s been aggravated as I caught my beau’s cold and cough. There’s lots of man-flu going around – but this was particularly knackering and I’m still feeling some of its effects a week on! I’ve even had to miss two Christmas gatherings this week because of it! Not good!

I did go into my M.A. placement this week – but it completely tired me out – but I’m definitely getting there! My doctor signed me off again with a sick note and told me to rest – but I’ll have to be back to normality tomorrow; but thankfully I’ve only a few days before we break for the Christmas holidays anyhow. One day placement, one day teaching and one day staff development – and that’s it! I’m sure it’s just my body telling me to slow down a little – so I need to do just that! Afer Christmas I have just 6 weeks left of my M.A. and there’s going to be lots of work involved with that – as we complete our portfolio, our musical assessments and our presentation and viva!! 

Having this extra time off recently has meant that, when feeling up to it, I was able to put in some work for my latest assignment. It was only 6000 words – but still no easy feat when you’re feeling under the weather. Anyhow, it’s all done and dusted and I’m pleased with it; now I just have to wait and see if my tutors and examiners think the same!

So, what else has been happening? I’ve been very very busy within my Etsy shops actually. I’ve had 11 sales in the last two weeks from my Houdini House shop – and 3 cards plus an exchange within my Houdini Cards shop. This is something I could get used to!

I met a lovely lady last year called Cheryl in cyber-world who has a beautiful Etsy shop called ‘StoneSchoolVintage’ which you can check out here. We’ve been a supporter of each others shop ever since – regularly messaging each other – and last week we decided to do an exchange; a selection of my cards to suit all occasions in exchange for this beautiful lovebird trivet from her shop. I love it – and it has pride of place in my kitchen!

Of course, I also had my ‘red telephone box’ Christmas card order to make and complete – which, thankfully, they absolutely loved, so it’s all good!

My beau has also been busy making lots of new things too on the sewing machine. We’ve only managed to photograph and list one other thing so far in his Etsy Shop: ArtAmour – but the new year will bring some new pieces – so watch this space! This is his latest one below – what do you think?

Last night we also ventured out into the cold to purchase a Christmas tree. We went to our favourite place – a nearby garden centre which has oodles of trees of different types to choose from. They point the base too for you and place it within a flat trunk for a small fee – which all goes to charity.  We’re late this year buying our tree – normally by now it’s already been chosen and a Christmas tree soiree has been had – involving friends, wine, chilli non carne and lots of decorations! What with being unwell – and my beau’s shifts – it just hadn’t happened until now.

It was terrible walking round (…silly really, we get like this every year…) as choosing the right tree is a mammoth task! In finding that perfect one, you have to reject tens of others for being too tall, too short, too bushy, too ugly, too uneven and too imbalanced. I felt very shallow shaking my head at several trees as my beau proudly lifted them up – they just didn’t look or feel right! But, don’t trees, like humans, come in different shapes, sizes and inbalances? and don’t they, like humans, just need love whatever their aesthetic!? My beau kept thinking he could hear them shouting “..pick me, pick me..” (yes, I’m worried about us both too!) because I know what he meant.

Anyhow, we eventually found one that we both liked and agreed upon – so we quickly had it based and netted before we could change our mind! We spent a wonderful evening avec wine, warmth, food and Christmas song compilations – trimming and decorating for what seemed like hours. Want to see it? Meet ‘Bertie’ bushy-tree!

It looks quite small on this photograph – but actually the tree stands at just over 6 and half feet tall! Due to the light coming from the window behind you can’t see the angel sitting on the very top. We have the lights twinkling intermittently as I type, and the presents are starting to gather at the base of the tree. I’m starting to feel Christmassy for the first time! How’s yours coming along? x