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Oh I do love getting presents!…and I’ve been very lucky and received many of them this week – in person and in the post. First up is this beautiful Christmas card that my little 6 year old nephew made…

He painted it at school – and then his primary school had them reproduced as Christmas cards. I think it’s such a beautiful idea; I know there’s lots of pressure then on the parents to purchase the cards – but if I had children, I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful for me to spend my money on! Anyhow, as an uncle, I loved it and it has pride of place within my flat. Inside the cards were loads of photographs of my nieces and nephews too – I cherish them all.

My partner is working over the holidays – so we’ve been exchanging presents most days (one-a-day) in the build up to Christmas. So far, I’ve received many different CDs that I’ve been wanting including classic albums by David Sylvian, Renaissance and (early piano) Elton John. Apparently I’ve got loads more to come too ;-) !!!! Very lucky!

I also received a parcel through the post the other day from the very lovely Madeleine – famous for her beautiful chandeliers (you can see her blog here). Inside the box were these beautiful mince pies tied with a Buckingham Palace ribbon!

Gorgeous – and so kind! Don’t they look delicious! I can’t wait to try one – but I’m going to wait until Christmas Day me-thinks and make it a special treat with my family! I wonder if the Queen tied the bow herself?!

Also, today in the post arrived another gift from another cyber friend Amber. Inside the box was a beautifully decorated bauble – absolutely perfect for my Christmas tree.

Isn’t it deliciously delicate and stunning! What a lucky boy I am!

I am particularly touched by both Amber’s and Madeleine’s gifts because, despite feeling that I have got to know them a little through their blogs and their comments on my posts – I haven’t met either of them, as yet that is.  I am blessed to have them – and indeed you all – around, even if it’s only within my cyber-world for now. I have appeared to have lost several close friends this year – and so it’s lovely to know that the world is full of other special people with such beautiful hearts.

My last present was something that I bought for myself… 

…this vintage mannequin! I’ve always wanted one of these dummy’s – and I saw this on eBay and just had to invest as a little christmas present to myself! I’ve got various plans for my Houdini House funds – but for now, I used a small part of it for this little piece of history. Isn’t it gorgeous! It’s going to look so lovely in the bedroom window!

 What a lucky lucky boy I am!