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Just a quick post to say hello before the big day! I’m absolutely shattered tonight as we had 25 people over to our flat last night for a ‘bottle and bauble’ party. Friends had to bring either a bottle of wine for the table or a Christmas bauble for the tree; we got a good mixture of both! I think I’m going to make it a regular themed gathering if possible every year. I’ve already got tons of lovely baubles and decorations – but it’s another way of adding to the collection, plus having something special on the tree from friends and loved ones as a keepsake.

We provided lots of different nibbles, the wine was ever-flowing – and later we all gathered around the piano and tree to sing Christmas carols – so it was a very busy but very lovely evening. There has never been so many people in the flat all at once before; – thank God lots of people also failed to turn up for one reason or another – as there really wouldn’t have been room!! The last guest went just after 2am – so by the time we did a little bit of clearing and hit the bed, we were shattered!

A poor nights sleep hasn’t helped, but what with cleaning all morning, wrapping presents – washing, packing, making our own Christmas meal (my partner and I are apart this Christmas due to work commitments!) – and generally eating too much, I really am ready for a bath – and then bed. We had been invited to another friends party this afternoon and then another tonight – but I’ve got lots of driving to do tomorrow, so thought it best just to chill and catch-up with things tonight as much as possible!

So, the last thing for me to do is to wish you ALL a very special, merry and peaceful Christmas – full of love, light and laughter. I will see you on my return from my travels. God bless all – and enjoy!