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Happy…new year everybody! I hope it was a good one!

I spent it with my beau around at some friends’ house. We had fun, although I do wonder if I’m too old for house parties – rubbing shoulders with complete strangers, talking complete nonsense, and watching them become completely drunk! This isn’t so bad I guess if you’re drinking yourself, but I took it fairly easy last night (but only because we’d been out the night before with some other friends and had one too many then!) It was a laugh anyhow – and quite a few close friends were there, in and amongst, which made it special. The hosts had made lashings of food, cocktails and vodka jelly’s for all – which made a very interesting combination (especially in my stomach).

We congregated around the TV just before midnight and watched the live broadast from London, hearing Big Ben strike and watching the subsequent glorious fireworks. I was glad we did this, as I’ve been to too many parties over the years where everyone has a different time on their watch and no one can quite decide when to do the countdown. One year, the countdown chorus happened at 00.07am and was such an anti-climax!

We had wondered whether to come back a little bit earlier to watch Jools Holland Hootenanny special over on BBC2 with his company of musical stars. But, I found out literally the day before that this programme wasn’t actually transmitted live as thought, but was indeed recorded a couple of weeks earlier before christmas. This does make sense, as getting such a high calibre of artists and famous guests within the audience, all on New Years Eve, would be no mean feat; however, it did shatter my illusion somewhat and seemed to dissipate some of the magic and thus my interest in watching it. We stayed at the party instead.

I hope whatever you did was fanatstic – and that you saw 2011 in with those you love!

Happy…birthday / anniversary [to me] too! My blog is one year old today! ;-) Yes indeed, it was on my return from a New Years Eve stay at a friend’s hotel this time last year, in the Yorkshire Dales, which launched my interest in the cyber world of blogging! Thoughts of Houdini was born!

One year, 139 posts, 819 comments and 12,012 visits later I’m still here – with many new friendships, interests and blogs to follow – and I love the fact that this is still evergrowing. This blog has accompanied me through my M.A. (albeit the perfect tool for procrastination), my recent commission to write a song, the birth of a new Etsy shop, my flea market finds, works OFSTED visit, my new window saga, my holiday with a view, my travels and my two family additions: Reuben tweed-bear and Ben the puppy (to name but a few things that’s happened this year!) I’ve never written a diary for longer than two weeks before – so this has been the perfect way to document and share my world, whilst witnessing it grow even more than I could imagine through the beautiful exposure to you and your worlds too.

Here’s a few pictures from the journey this past year…

…thanks for sharing it with me. I look forward to the next chapter – please stay for the ride ;-) 

Happy 2011! x