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This week has been another busy one: as I’ve been writing an introduction and conclusion to my final M.A. portfolio submission. It is now complete, printed and bound ready to hand in tomorrow. I should be feeling relief, but I know that I still have another 5 weeks worth of work still to do. February is the date for my hour long presentation and accompanying viva – so I need to start thinking about what I need to include as well as preparing my musical excerpts. There are also a series of musical assessments that will be happening on the same day; but essentially in 5 weeks time it will all be over! Or rather, it will just be beginning, as I am going to have to start looking for work as a music therapist! Exciting and completely scary all at the same time! But for now, another box has been ticked and I am one step closer to my dream.

I’m also feeling a little delicate today. I went out last night to a friend’s house for a little birthday soiree. Much wine flowed – and then at 11.30pm we decided to head into town to a nightclub! Once upon a time this would have been the norm – but now, in the last quarter of my 30s I’ve realised my clubbing days are well and truly over. Long gone are the 3 nights a week partying in nearby cities, wearing wild outfits and dancing the night and early hours away! I simply can’t do it anymore as I’m absolutely knackered today!

As I stood with friends drinking beer (never a good idea on top of wine) I looked around and realised that I was probably one of the oldest people there! I never thought I’d say it, but I really was actually old enough to be the father of many of the young clubbers there last night! I swayed my hips from side to side – but refused to join the dancefloor as it was too crowded! Too crowded!??? Unbelievable! Once, I would have thrown myself into the throng and found countless people to dance with. And the music!? Pure rubbish!

I was glad when we left there at 2.20am – only to find we were going on to another club! I waited with everyone, queueing, before coming to my senses and deciding it was time to find somewhere to grab some food before going home to my awaiting bed! So yes, it’s nearly 8pm now – and I’m still sat here in my PJs, tired and too uninspired to do anything too energetic! My beau is cooking dinner and so I thought I’d stop by and say hello to you all instead!

This week has also seen another couple of Christmas gifts arrive. One was from a lady called Teresa who I met through Etsy. She has a beautiful shop called ‘Unfinished Business’ which you can check out here. We’ve been communicating regularly and she asked for my address, saying she had a gift for me.  What with extremes of weather and the huge backlog of Christmas post, it arrived on my mat just the other day, after more than two weeks in transit. She had packaged it all so carefully and beautifully that I had to take a few pictures of that as well. Want to see?

It’s a clip in the shape of a musical lyre. Sadly, the spring no longer works – yet I have plans to tie it up with more ribbon and use it as a Christmas tree decoration later this year! Perfect. There are two small playing card charms as well, ready for that future creative project.

I also received another Christmas present from one of my friends: this beautiful HUGE framed painting. It’s a stunning portrait surrounded by a gorgeous gilt frame housed within another thick wooden frame; – it stands three feet tall and is really really heavy! Isn’t it impressive!

I’ve admired him from a far for years as it use to hang in my friend’s house along with another portrait – of the man’s wife. Both were framed exactly the same and hung pride of place either side of the fireplace.

Sadly my friend’s relationship broke up earlier this year and her partner wanted them to have one picture each as a keepsake. I offered them both money for the pair, obviously wanting to keep the Victorian couple together, but my friend’s partner declined and chose the female painting before moving to the other side of the country!

In my friend’ s new house, the painting has just rested in the spare bedroom – largely because she was never too keen on the pictures anyhow, plus they still hold too many painful memories for her. So, it arrived in my possession this week – tied with a little bow.  I am gutted that he is seperated from his wife’s painting, but at the very least, I can provide a loving home for him. Hopefully one day they might even be reunited!

That’s me – for now. I will write more soon.