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I am on the train, writing this on the laptop, on my way back from university. Monday is always a long day – as I don’t finish my studies until 8pm at night – so by the time I’ve walked to the train station, caught my connections, travelled the 30 miles, walked home and let myself into the flat it’s gone 9.30pm. I do have a presentation to start, however I’ve been talking about my ideas all day to tutors and colleagues – and my head is buzzing with dread about all that I still have to do, so I think I’ll talk about something else instead!

I want to do a post about friendship – but I think I’ll save that for another day too when I have more time. So instead I’ll write about…


I have loads of new pictures at home of Mum and Dad’s puppy that I’ll add later for you. I’ve seen Ben over Christmas, plus I also drove home last weekend to see Mum and Dad to take them out for lunch, so saw him then too. 

Ben is 8 months old now. He has grown so much – but is still quite small. We’ve always had alsations, so I’m not really use to little dogs, but he still is adorable. His coat is so much longer and he’s matured facially – but I still think he’s very cute, especially as one of his ears flops naturally whilst the other stands to attention! I’m biased admittedly, but he’s so cuddly, always up to mischief and follows me everywhere when I’m at home. Wanna see?

My Mum phoned me yesterday to say that whilst she was hanging out some washing, Ben had managed to get out of the back garden. Their garden is huge – and has always been dog proof; but obviously not for little Ben. He has managed to squeeze through the smallest of holes, completely surrounded by wire, into the field behind my parents house. The dangerous thing is that there is a bypass now beyond this field and many a dog and cat have been found run over at the side of the road, so obviously my Mum was really worried.

Despite being 75 and unsteady on her feet, she dashed to the top to try and encourage and bribe him back – through biscuits – but he was having none of it! She rushed down the road and up the lane to the entrance into the field, grabbing neighbours and their kids along the way to try and help. But by the time she had reached the field there was no sight of him – anywhere.

Despite continually calling his name, no Ben appeared. Mum walked around all of the uneven field, looking in gardens along the way, calling, but after an hour she was exhausted and worried that he had somehow managed to get on to the busy village bypass. She walked home crying and upset and went into the house to tell my dad her fears…but who should be sitting next to my dad in the chair, looking very sheepish…but Ben!

He must have slipped back into the garden as Mum made the journey round to the field entrance. He sneaked into the house and nestled himself alongside my Dad, pretending to be all cute. Apparently Mum cuddled him silly whilst telling him off;  that natural bittersweet response that you get when you know all’s well.

Fixing the hole is my next job. At least Ben is safe ;-)