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Well, I am now in the last three weeks of my Masters Degree – although the work is far from over. I am trying to muster the enthusiasm to write my final presentation as well as preparation for the accompanying viva! I am the king of procrastination – and so anything and everything seems to be getting in the way at this moment in time, including writing this! This also includes house hunting…!

I have rented my present abode for over 11 years now and have been very happy – here in the attic flat of a huge old Victorian house. However, I have outgrown the walls both mentally and physically (I have so much stuff now in comparison to when I moved in!) and I have outgrown the other people who also live within the house. Since my beau moved in nearly 3 years ago, this feeling of space – or lack of, has also caused me to consider moving on to another home which we can make ‘ours’.

The flat I live in IS gorgeous and quirky – with eaves, sloping roofs and velux windows – and even though of a considerable size, my lounge still doubles (or should that be triples) up as a dining room and study space. The bathroom and kitchen are of a small but adequate size for one (two at a push) – and the bedroom is a great size with a great big window – but still, it is starting to feel a little claustrophobic. I’m craving space, stairs and a new view.

I’ve been searching on and off for nearly a year now – although up until today had only looked at one place. I have a very specific type of place in mind – and even though not every box is ticked, today I viewed a property very close to that mark! We can only afford to rent at the moment, but most things I like are out of our price range (I have such expensive tastes!) Today’s house was no exception, yet is on the cusp of what we could afford once I complete my M.A. and secure some work. The owner is also currently living there and hinted that he would be potentially open to a little bit of negotation on the price.   

Want to see it?

Now, this is MY kind of place! The property is over 5 floors too! There is a large farmhouse-esque kitchen / diner on the ground floor which also has a utility room and stairs to a cellar. The lounge takes up the complete floor above which leads to another set of stairs, landing, mullion windows, two double bedrooms and a bathroom – followed by a further set of stairs to an attic bedroom complete with ensuite and skylights. It is perfect in every way – and also has central heating (which we don’t have at the moment) an AGA cooker (God only knows how to use it!) and double glazing (what…no draughts!!)

The property dates from 1750 (OMG!) and was originally a weavers cottage – and the village itself is a little hamlet steeped in history. The only boxes that aren’t ticked are the fact there isn’t a garden (there is a slabbed front patio area where you can sit, display flower planters and have a B-B-Q, but is not very private). It is also next to a pub (well a stones throw away) which also puts me off slightly. We’re talking a quaint village public house which has its own ales – so whilst popular, is not the loud leery place that one might experience elsewhere and we would be sheltered by the neighbours house – but even so, is not top of my list of preferred positions. There are two allocated car parking spaces – but again they are situated slightly away from the house – plus entrance to the whole place is up a steep country lane – not ideal at all in the freaky weather we’ve been having.  

So, there you have it warts and all…however it felt like it could be home! Or rather – it DID feel like home. But, I need to make a decision, not with my heart but with my head. If I could negotaite the price slightly I would be in like a shot…however, I do need to do some serious thinking about whether it matches everything we really want from our next move. Moving will be no easy task – (think attic, piano, acres of furniture…why do you think I’ve not moved for over 11 years!) and it is not something that I want to be doing, ideally, in another 6 months time. Also with the end of my studies in sight – I want this next chapter within my life to contain new challenges but also experiences. Hopefully extra funds will produce city breaks, meals out and an enhanced way of living. I’m not sure if moving to a property which is over more than double what I’m paying now is the best move to make at this stage of our lives. Any extra money earnt will go on paying rent. But – we’re both homebirds – and believe that your home is your castle; so we want somewhere we can entertain, have friends to stay comfortably and live ourselves quietly and happily.  

I don’t want to take too long in making my decision in case someone else snaps up the property – but then I’m also a believer in ‘what will be will be’ and if it was to be rented by someone else then that just means we’d have to start re-looking – that’s all.  It is time to move on, but yet we’re not desperate for it to happen tomorrow.