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I’ve been enjoying taking photos and listing new items in my Houdini House shop over these last few months. I’ve had 26 sales so far – which obviously I’m really really pleased with; especially as it started off simply as a little sideline to my Houdini Cards shop.

More recently it’s become my main passion out of the two shops although I’m sure after I’ve finished my Masters Degree, then I will re-find the time to create some new cards and thus re-find my original passion again. Until then, I’m happy to concentrate on sharing my vintage finds with you instead – all 19 of them (but with many many more still to be listed).

I adore researching and finding out further information about the item so that the potential buyer can really understand and connect with the piece. I love taking and editing all of the photographs too, so much so, that I really could do this as a career (although my partner won’t let me!)

Want to see my latest wares for sale?

Click HERE to read about and see these – and so much more…let me know what you think too ;-)