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Sorry I’ve not had much chance to visit all of your wonderful blogs and / or leave comments recently – but things are really busy at the moment and I’m trying to keep my head above water – constantly.

Lots of things are happening at the moment within my family life, work life, home life and university life and I’m juggling them all as best as I can. I’ve got use to spinning plates – running back and forth between one, two, three or four things and trying to stay calm, focused and cheerful throughout.  

A member of my family is very poorly at the moment which is a constant worry – and present all the time at the back of my mind, even though there’s nothing I can really do about it.

University is coming to a close – with less than two weeks to go. The presentation isn’t writing itself – as hoped – but is slowly (very slowly) taking shape and getting there! I’ve been managing to do some piano practice too for all of the musical tests that they intend to bombard us with as part of our assessment. However, the good news is that I found out I passed my final portfolio – which I handed in a couple of weeks ago – so that’s good at least and one step towards my final mark! 

Work is busy – and suffering due to the amount of M.A. work I’ve had of late. I feel like I’m treading water sometimes. We’re also getting observed again by management – and as I was poorly for the last set of observations in November, I’m bound to be chosen again this time! This is only in two weeks time – so extra pressure and workload at a time when I really could do without it.

And of course, finally there are personal pressures – of (maybe) moving and continual house hunting. I really need to put this on the back burner for now – but it’s hard! I’ve been doing tons of phonecalls and research on the running costs of AGA’s – and sadly have found out they’re very expensive to run! The house I’ve fallen in love with has one – yet the luxury of having and running it will cost an extra £80 per month – and that is on top of all the extra bills and extortionate rent! It doesn’t heat the water, nor is it connected to the central heating – so it’s purpose will be to solely cook on and serve as an additional radiator. There are no other cooking facilities in the house – so we’ll have to keep the AGA on at all times! I found out an interesting fact yesterday; – that the gas an AGA uses in one week is the same amount of gas that a normal cooker uses in one year!!! Shocking! Oh well – I guess you can’t put a price on luxury!

So there you have it – my world at the moment. Once the M.A. finishes I will have new pressures of finding work – but I intend to step back for a little tiny while at least and enjoy the silence (and read a few blogs!)

Please bear with me til then ;-) x