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So…the M.A. is over!

I’ve been working hard these last few weeks on getting my final presentation to a state which would do justice to my final placement, my clients and also the great amounts of learning that naturally occured throughout. My chosen musical clips kept changing as the focus of the presentation shifted – and at a few points, I’ll admit, thought that I’d never get it done!

But, the day of the hour long presentation eventually arrived with accompanying viva and I was generally pleased with how it went. The pressure of the viva always sends me into a state of brain-fog (!!) as previously retained information flies out of my ears, nose and eyeballs – leaving nothing for my mouth to talk about!! I think I did better than intially feared – but as long as I pass I don’t mind!

Musical assessments also occured in the afternoon which allowed me to showcase knowledge and expertise in working with both individual and group settings.  Again, nothing earth shattering occured, but I’m sure I’ve done enough to show that I’m worthy of a pass. Fingers crossed!

I know that I’ve passed my written work / portfolio – yay – so now just have to wait another few weeks until the examiners grade the rest – and I receive official confirmation…either way.

It still hasn’t sunk in that two and half years of hard work has finally ended!!

I had my first audition in February 2008 – and the finishing date of February 2011 seemed a lifetime away! But, it’s here and I’ve survived it!

I’ve had a few nights out with friends to celebrate completing the course – although I have a bottle of champagne…waiting patiently…for the day of the final result! I can’t wait to drink it and have a toast!

I’ll keep you informed…

So, what else has been happening? …well, not much really…there hasn’t been time…however, the house hunt is still going ahead. We went to see another property yesterday – another 250 year old cottage which has a similar renting price to the house I showed you a couple of weeks ago. Want to see it?

I loved the fact that the house has a decking area built onto it’s side with beautiful views – and the ‘A supporting frame’ within the attic bedroom is particularly stunning. However, the house didn’t speak to me at all, the rooms were very small and quite dark – and I really couldn’t imagine us living there. Problems with parking could potentially become an issue – and the unusually shaped rooms wouldn’t allow for easy positioning of my furniture.

It was great to go and see it anyhow – as it was beautiful in so many ways…just not for us. At least we have another house on which to base not only our future search – but also our love for this other house. So why have we not gone ahead with the weavers cottage?

Well, despite continually asking, it took several weeks for both the landlord and the estate agent to deliver figures of its monthly bills. The gas bill alone would feed a small family for a month – and I’m just not sure how much we can justify spending that amount on top of the rent. However, as one of my friends said; “What price can you put on living somewhere that you love whilst producing so much creativity and inspiration!” She has a point…but then, she’s not paying our bills! We’re not in a desperate rush to move so we’re going to keep looking for the time being – and just hope that the other one doesn’t go!

I’ve started buying things for the new house already. We only have a shared garden at the moment – so the idea of having our own little space (however small!) is filling me with so much excitement – that I’ve bought two items for the garden! This antique pioneer mangle complete with table top and shelf – and this stone weathered cherub.

I can’t wait to collect both of them – and once they are in situe at the new house (where’er it will be) they will be surrounded by ceramic pots filled with shrubs, plants, flowers and much love.