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Yesterday my beau and I took our nephew to Oxford for an audition for university. We’d never been there before and so was happy to accompany him – for a bit of moral support, map reading – as well as a day out. He wants to study drama – but sadly didn’t get through to the next round – so we had to collect him after lunch, so the day was cut short somewhat. It was a long drive – but it was still lovely to catch a glimpse of this historic city. It was very VERY cold and often raining – so my photos didn’t turn out great – so I’ve had to steal this one from ‘Google’ as a small taster. It’s somewhere that we intend to return to – one warmer summer’s day!

We were really gutted for my nephew – especially as he’d heard the same day that he hadn’t got in at the university of his first choice either. I know I’m biased – but he really is VERY good.   I went along to see him perform for the first time 2 years ago at college and was completely gobsmacked by his talent. He had a big part in a Shakespeare play – and was so brilliant in both character and delivery that he received a standing ovation! He has the potential to go far – and I’m particularly proud of him as he has aspergers syndrome. He lacks confidence in so many areas of his life – but put him on the stage and he excels! There’s just SO much competition out there – especially as alot of the courses only have 12 places! -so fingers crossed for his other upcoming interviews.

The good news is that, on the way back from Oxford yesterday, I heard that I had passed my Masters (M.A)!!! Sadly as we were at the in-laws we weren’t able to open the champagne as hoped – especially as my nephew was so disappointed too! Tonight was also out of the question – as I’ve been working – leading the community choir that I do every couple of months. It’s late here now and I have a very early start for work – so it would be a waste to open it tonight without having the time to properly enjoy it! Maybe at the weekend!?

It still seems abit strange to think I’ve passed – and it still hasn’t sunk in – although maybe when I start filling in application forms next week…it will!!!