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I’m not normally one for being on my soap box within this blog, so please forgive me as I’m about to…but, having read that Rod Stewart has just become a dad – again – at 66 years of age (!!!) and for the eighth time, I really HAD to comment!

You could call it jealousy – I don’t have children…and couldn’t think of anything lovelier than having a child whom I can cherish and guide through life – who would give me a hug and say ‘dad I love you’ at the end of a long hard day! But as a gay man, I realise that a) it will never happen and b) even if it did, is my desire to have a child really greater than the heartache that I could be potentially be creating for the child at school and with their peers? This is a huge debate in itself – and not necessarilly one for this post!  

Straight, fertile (or maybe not – this was IVF) and hot-blooded Rod doesn’t have this problem – plus he has the money to send the kids to whichever school he wants! But 66? Surely that’s just wrong!? Well done for his long history of long-legged gorgeous blondes – after all, they do have more fun apparently! But, does he really have to keep pro-creating with them?! He’s not alone – there are a long line of celebrities doing the same – and Rod’s probably one of the younger ones (!!) but do they ever really stop and think about the consequences for the poor child? Yes they may have a hefty future inheritance but I’m sure they’d rather have a father around than a bank full of money – any day!

When Rod is celebrating his 80th birthday, his youngest will still only be 13! Laws of nature suggest that he will lose his father at a young age – and despite all the praise of Rod being a doting dad – this one small (or maybe NOT small!) fact alone, makes him in my eyes, a poor father.

I am the youngest of 6 children – so by the time I came along my own Dad was 43. Not so old by today’s standards – but I remember him being mistaken for my grandfather on many public occasions (could that make Rod my great-grandfather?) I didn’t mind that so much – I was very young and it seemed quite funny at the time, however, now my Dad is in his 80s and in ill health – I resent the fact that I don’t have a younger 50/60-something father like a lot of my friends. Yes, I know any of us can get ill at any part of our life course – and I’m not saying I’d change my dad, my history or that I even judge him – but I do believe that for anybody, being a reponsible parent means making the decision whether to bring that child into the world in the first place!

Never having children means that my parents are even more special – as the natural cycle of life and changing roles within the family – of child to father to grandfather – will never happen for me. My parents are my only family. That’s why I want them to be around for as long as possible – just as I’m sure Rod’s new off-spring will too!

…and DON’T even get me started on Elton John!!