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Despite opening the door to the postman yesterday morning and being faced with Narnia (it had snowed loads in the night!) I’m enjoying the lighter nights and arrival of snowdrops, daffodils and tulips! I have several bulbs flowering in the kitchen – and currently a vase full of other spring blossoms – and I’ve decided that tulips really are one of my favourite flowers! These are looking lovely in the bedroom window.

We’ve also been to see another house. We’re determined to keep looking – yet there are very few houses locally which are catching our eye (well, not in our price range anyhow). The one from yesterday did – although with only two bedrooms – it is slightly smaller then what we’re after. Despite the lounge being quite small too, we actually really really liked it. There was a set of stone stairs in the middle of the house – which after climbing half way – turned to both the left and right, each direction leading to a double bedroom and en suite. A converted attic bedroom would have completed the house – but sadly this wasn’t the case – and we felt there wasn’t room in which to place (hideaway!) all of our creative / art materials as well as the computer (this is why we’re wanting the 3rd box bedroom). Again, there was problem with parking and the garden / decking area wasn’t private as we’d like – but even so, we were pleasantly impressed. Wanna see?

The estate agents wide angled camera lens made the rooms look much bigger than what they were in reality. However, it made us feel at least that there are other beautiful houses – without the expensive AGA! We do keep returning to that house on the internet. The more I think about it…the more I fall in love with it – but, we know deep down that it could financially break us if we were to take it. Once I’ve secured some music therapy work then hopefully things will be different. So, watch this space.

I’m off work this week (half term) so I’m off home to see my Mum and Dad – and of course little gorgeous puppy Ben – so I promise to try take some more photos of him just for you all.  Till then, take care – see y’all soon x