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Well, as promised, I took many photographs of Ben (mum and dad’s puppy) on my latest visit home. He is always so excitable – that it’s hard to get him to stand still! But over my 5 day visit I managed to snap him in some fantastic poses! Want to see?

Isn’t he still just as gorgeous!  

He is 9 months old now, his coat is longer and he has grown a little bit – but I think that’s it now. He is still as beautiful and affectionate – and went mad when he first saw me!! He essentially throws himself at you, excitable for fifteen continual minutes until he eventually sits on your knee and licks you all over! He has full run of the house – and when he’s not following your every step, he’s having a good old nosey in all of the bedrooms upstairs! He’s so comical, adorable, lovable and edible – all at once!