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So what’s been happening this week? A real mixture of good and bad – and a big dollop of hard work!

I’ve still been fondly remembering my week at my parents – especially as I managed to catch up with my sister and three of my youngest nieces and nephews too. They’re aged 6, 4 & 2 and live down south – so coinciding at my parents is often limited – due to lack of space and commitments, but I was horrified to work out that it had been 13 months since we’d last seen each other! Far too long and I was so overjoyed to see them all and give them a big uncle hug whilst showering them with presents! Want to see a picture?

My nephew and Godson lost his first tooth whilst I was there which he was really pleased about. Not only did it mean that he was turning into a big boy – but also gave the chance for the tooth fairy to visit with some dosh! What’s the going rate for a milk tooth these days?

For my niece – an aspiring ballerina at the young age of 4 – I bought a lilac dress full of layers of netting which she preceeded to wear, refusing to take off for the rest of the evening. Her constant requests for some classical music resulted in some beautiful twirls, dancing and dramatic moves which I videoed for posterity. Well I need to be able to embarrass the poor lass on her 18th bitrthday! For my youngest nephew, he was more than happy looking tres cute throughout the whole visit for the camera!

My Dad’s been very poorly this week  so that has been a constant worry too – fingers crossed that things sort themselves out soon as I’m very concerned about him! It’s so hard living 100 miles away!

I’ve also been very busy writing my first music therapy application form – and am pleased to announce that I have my first interview next week! I have a ton of work to do in preparation for that – something I won’t be able to start until this weekend due to other commitments! Work has been manic too – and coupled with a classroom observation by my line manager it’s meant that I’ve spent the last few days knee high in folders, lesson plans, schemes of work and other paperwork! I’ve had to prepare everything perfectly for all my days of teaching as I was exactly unsure when she was arriving. But, at 9am this morning she walked into my classroom – so I am glad that that’s all over for another year at least! I got excellent feedback this afternoon so I’m happy with that too and am now celebrating with a glass of cava in hand!

They always says it doesn’t rain but pours!

We’ve also been to see another house in and amongst all of this. A semi-detached property with a beautiful garden area complete with stone troughs and a water feature.

The pictures look beautiful but on inspection it actually is a lot smaller than it looks and is in good need of a lick of paint and a bit of a refurbishment. There were lots of nice features about it – including the small side conservatory – but we really couldn’t see ourselves living there…so we’re still looking! You just know don’t you…it really didn’t feel right! It was good to look anyhow.

I’ve also been listing a few new things in my Etsy shop as due to the M.A. (and the rest of life’s takeovers) they’ve had to suffer somewhat. So up for grabs are these beauties:

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