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In and amongst trying to do eveything I’m supposed to be doing – I’m also craving a bit of creativity and have started designing a new range of greetings cards.

As a musician, my whole life is centered around music. I don’t watch TV and there is always music playing within the flat – either me on the piano or through the hi-fi system. My love for records started at 2 years old – carefully placing the stylus down on my sisters’ albums within our old portable record player.  I adore vinyl – and even though I have replaced much of my huge collection on CD, I will never part with my single 45s or my albums.

I opened a pre-birthday present yesterday from my beau (it’s actually next week, but I have a birth-fortnight, none of this day rubbish! teehee) and it was a CD: Neil Sedaka Live at The Royal Festival Hall. Tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t stop myself from crying as the opening bars of ‘I’m a Song, Sing Me’ kicked in from the speakers.

It took me back to being a very young boy – as this was an album that my late sister had on vinyl. Her stable diet of Kate Bush, Genesis, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd and other 70s greats was always slightly flavoured by other artists – and there were many similar surprises nestling within her record collection which helped broaden my own repertoire. This particular live album is stunning and I have many memories of it on the turntable at home. It reminds me of my sister – and not having heard it since she died, those opening bars took me back into the nostalgic warm comforted world of a boy and I couldn’t stop myself from responding emotionally!  Such is the power of music – and one of the reasons why I have become a music therapist.

My partner and I started looking at some of our albums – and I will have to admit to you, that we had a short session of vinyl sniffing! This isn’t a new craze (or indeed kink) but something we both admitted to doing when we were young, weekly, with our treasured long players! Every Saturday, as boys, we both would buy either a single or album – and we have spoke about sitting on the bus on the way home…staring fascinatingly at the sleeve, the record label, the lyrics sheet (if lucky) and breathing in the smells of cardboard and vinyl with a seasoning of excitement! Doing this yesterday again took us back to these happy times – and I swear I could sense my sister around me along with fragrances of my childhood home.  

I digress. Slightly.

My partner and I seem to spend our lives quoting music from our youth, lyrics emblazened on our memories and song titles that sum up a particular experience. We have a funny little conversation (dont ask me how it started!) that keeps recurring based on French song titles!  OK so now you’re starting to get worried!? Honestly, it’s completely harmless and no French people were harmed in it’s devising! As a result, I’ve started giving titles to photographs that I’ve taken, which always seem to be based on a song! Old Victorian postacrds that I have also seem to be shouting lyrics at me too – and I have decided to try combining the two for some of my new cards!

Want to see what I’m on about?

This boy angel statue was a snapshot I took last year within a local mill selling cards and antiques. I have photoshopped it a little – but combined it with Bette Midler’s great line “You are the wind beneath my wings”. What do you think? It also has an opaque version of the image on the back combined with a Victorian postcard. I’ve also done a few others: 

This was another image I took last year in a reclamation yard. This beautiful statue reminds me of the Virgin Mary and with a barbed-wire halo (formed by the wall’s security) it made me think of Gerry’s classic line, that even in the face of danger, hardships and bad times that “You’ll never walk alone”. I have other ideas too – but wondered what you think? Do you believe they would appeal and thus sell in my Houdini Cards shop?  

If so, what other song titles* would you like to see on a greeting card? I want to create things that are perfect for every occasion – from a wedding to sympathy to birthday to graduation! Do you have any great ideas? Any suggestions would be considered and appreciated – I probably will have an image that will go with your thoughts. I will also give credit to you and your blog on the cards subsequent Etsy listing for any of your ideas used.