As I think I mentioned last time, I tend to try celebrate my birthday over a period slightly longer than the usual prescribed ‘day’. This is simply for the reason that I seem to spend a third of it sleeping and half of the remainder working – so I try and spread it out so that it’s much more fun and memorable. I tend to open a present and card a day too which also helps prolong the celebration.

This approach also helps when you have different friends of different ages from different crowds. Not everyone wants to go to a rowdy pub – and some of my friends would much prefer to go for a civilsed meal; so this is what has happened so far this week.

On Friday night I went to a local pub which has over 230 British and world bottled beers with other ales, ciders, lagers and bitters available on draught. It’s a place where you’ll find a real mixture of people and ages – and what’s also good about the place is that it plays no music whatsoever! It can get really busy, so you have to talk loudly to be heard – but at least you’re not competing with mega-volumes pumping from strategically placed imposing speakers! They also have lots of unique and contrasting art on the walls which I also like in a place. The art on these walls are not what I’d choose to have in my own apartment – but they are beautiful and complimentary to the people who frequent. I took a few cropped images of some of the more ‘revealing’ pictures by some local artists. Want to see?

I met a group of friends (some of whom are above) and we stayed there talking and drinking until we were nicely merry – nothing too heavy, but just perfect for a Friday night.

On Saturday afternoon I met an old friend for a walk around the second hand market (with some fab finds for another post) followed by a beautiful double-shot milky coffee and long catch-up.

Then, on Saturday evening, my beau and I met some other friends for some drinks in a local village bar before going on with them to a stunning tapas restaurant which I had never been to before. It served Mediterranean as well as Middle Eastern cuisine tapas dishes. The food was absolutely delicious, the place was buzzing with people all trying to get seated – and despite the larger-than-expected bill at the end of the night (which included drinks at £4.50 a pint!!) we had a fantabulous time! Depite taking my camera out, I just never got round to taking any photographs – so I have included a couple from their website instead – which really doesn’t do it justice at all! The best dish by far was the Moroccan chicken tapas cooked with dates and cous cous – it was simply delicious! I intend to have a go at making it myself sometime!

There’s a few more birthday things planned for this week and the weekend – including another friends’ evening soiree avec music – as well as a day trip out with my beau (although to where we’re not quite sure!) So, I’ll share more with you another time.

By the way…did I tell you I went for a music therapy job? Well, I got it! More on that to come too!