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The fog and mist evident on my previous blog’s photos has been around for a few days – and despite causing sometimes hazardous driving conditions, has enabled a few beautiful photographic opportunities.

Driving home the other night from a friend’s house – I did a detour to go via THWL (that house we love) and came across a stretch of trees through which the fading light and mist looked stunning. I couldn’t help but stop and take a few photographs! The photos all came out quite dark so I used some computer software to lighten them – and was amazed by the tremendous range of colours that I found within the original pictures.  I had lots of fun playing with the  different features and came up with a range of images which I believe could look great framed! Wanna see? 

As I was being snap happy along the deserted roadside, a big car stopped and then reversed all the way down the road to where I was! I wondered if it was the local policeman or farmer demanding to know what I was up to,  so I started preparing my answer as the vehicle came to a stop and the driver wound down the window. It turned out to be an amateur photographer who had also noticed the beautiful scene and was interested to know if I was a professional and how the images were turning out. Thankfully my beau was in the car several hundred feet away waiting for me, otherwise it could have appeared quite creepy! I was pleased with how the images turned out anyhow.

The other news is that THWL (that house we love) has gone! It came up on the estate agents website just yesterday that the house had been let :-( I am really disappointed, but yet am being very realistic about it all. At this moment in time we really couldn’t afford it – but with no other houses that we like around at the moment in our price range, the experience has left us pretty despondent. I’m sure something else will come along that we love!

I had been intending to re-visit the house with a view to negotiating the rental cost with the owner – but now it’s too late! For all you deep thinkers out there, I am a believer in what’s meant to be etc etc etc – but, has my lack of action and concerns this last month re:the house actually changed our fate??? Should this house have been our home? It definitely felt like home when we were walking around – we could see ourselves living there – and we constantly talked about the house as if it was going to be ours…but now it’s going to be loved and become the history and fate of someone else! What’s your view?