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So, I have a NEW blog!

It’s been brewing in my mind now for a while – and tonight I had a spare couple of hours so thought I’d give birth to the idea – to at least see what the reaction was.

Essentially it’s concerned with re-uniting lost photographs and images with their families. I intend to try and do this by posting (and tagging) vintage images along with any known information about those pictured (name, place of birth, year) – so that anyone searching for information on their ancestors or family tree might come across it.  

I hate the idea of photographs of sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers once cherished and adored – being un-loved a century later; yet every week, I see such pictures, thrown aside, un-known and meaningless on market stalls. I find it so upsetting that the life-course has meant they have been separated from their families due to house clearances, sibling feuds, deceased descendents, geographical relocation and family breakdowns.

A romantic idea admittedly and I’m sure I’m not the first (or the last) to attempt this – I’m not even completely sure how…and if…this will work – but at the very least, I wanted to give it a try! I also love the idea of other people emailing me copies of their own ‘lost & found’ photographs, so that I can also list them on here to be re-identified too.

For more information on this and my ideas please check out the link here! What do you think? Can this work? I would welcome your thoughts, experience and interest…

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