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So what have I been up to?

Well I’ve listed the first image on my new ‘Identifamily’ blog reconnecting famiies with lost photos of their ancestors. Ellen Harrop (nee Beck) was born in 1866 in Ossett, West Yorkshire. She married at the age of 18 to Thomas Harrop and had a total of 8 children (5 of whom died at a young age).

I’ve really enjoyed researching about Ellen and her family on findmypast.com – and have sent a message to two gentlemen who have Ellen listed within their family tree on Genes Reunited. So, watch this space for more information – who knows, I may have connected already with someone from Ellen’s family?! You can see my original posting here.  

My beau and I have continued our house hunting and went to look at a semi-detached property in the week. The large open plan lounge is what first attracted us to it. Full of velux windows, it let in lots of natural light from the sweet garden, complete with fish pond and decking area! Want to see?

Whilst we really liked it – and the open lounge, dining area and garden got a huge thumbs up, the local area where it is situated is one of the worst in our town, with a very bad reputation. I grew up on a council estate myself, so am not pretending to be anything that I’m not…but with a reputation for gangs and crime – the area, for two gay guys, is potentially not the most ideal of places to live. I’m a great believer in there being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people everywhere, in all areas, but most of the surrounding houses appeared quite run down – and so really isn’t the locality in which I would choose to live. Having a choice right now, means that we can continue looking – and whilst we’re ideally looking for an older house, if this house had been somewhere else, we may have been very very tempted by it! (NB: Somewhere else, it would also probably have been out of our price range!) And so the search continues…

I’ve also been on a few nights out wih friends. One of which was to a karaoke bar with a load of people from the MDT team at the hospital where I did one of my placements. We had lots of fun – especially as there was a free bar and nibbles! Again, the photos are far too embarrassing to publish on here! I really must start behaving myself – as you guys are seriously missing out!! Teehee.

I’ve also had a couple of productive visits to my local second-hand market and bought several things for my Etsy shop – as well as a number of things for myself! Want to see a couple of them?

First up are these two beautiful Roman-esque figurines made of plaster of paris. There is damage to some of the plaster and a previous owner has also (un-successfully) tried to re-paint parts – but even so, there was something about them that I really liked. When we get our new house, I’m hoping that they’ll go in the Greek bathroom! I also bought this silver candlestick complete with handle for my bedside cabinet – as well as another of these beautiful old serving plates. This is quite an unusual shape and size – and so I just had to have it! I’ve started using it already and it goes well with all of the other serving plates I have on dsplay or stacked up in my cupboard.

Anyhow, I need to have a tidy round, do some piano practice, iron some clothes and run a well earned soak in the bath – as tomorrow I start my new job! So, fingers crossed for a good day – and that I like it!!