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I won’t lie. Most of my week has been taking up with not only work – but also research for my NEW blog – although I promise not to let this one slip in anyway.

I love writing here. I see it purely as an online diary (ok, without the saucy bits) that people read and occasionally comment on (999 comments and counting!! Will YOU be number 1,000!?). I don’t tend to write anything too heavy nor too political; thankfully for you it’s not in my nature nor expertise! 

This blog is something that will stop eventually, as all good things come to an end – don’t they? How long does the average blog last for? But for now, I’m happy tapping away, sharing a small glimpse into my world, my photographs, my recent career change and my market finds. When that day is up, I will no doubt click print and allow the 165 posts (or however many at that moment in time) to be transported onto paper, which I may (or may not) bind and put on a shelf – as testament to a small part of my life.  

I don’t have children nor grandchildren to share it with. Yet, I may take it out from time to time and look at my posts and the comments, whilst remembering the cyber friends I made – wondering what you’re all doing now…all with a smile.