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We live in a current climate where people can’t afford to get on the property ladder and buy a house; therefore more people are renting than ever before – and landlords are getting away with charging huge amounts of money for their properties…because they can! My beau and I are still looking, but I’m constantly surprised by the state of some of these houses we go to see.

I went to see a house with one of my dearest friends and her partner the other day – as we were both interested in the same property and thought it’d make more sense (and easier) if we all went together. Despite wanting ALOT of money, this house actually seriously needed re-carpeting, re-painting, re-wallpapering, re-fixing (holes were bountiful – in floors and walls) – …almost re-building! I think you can tell I wasn’t too keen!

My beau and I went to see another one in the afternoon – a house I was worried about really falling in love with…but despite being absolutely beautiful from the outside – realistically, the expensive price they were charging for rent didn’t quite tally with actually what was being offered! Want to see it?

These picture DO make it look lovely – however, rooms needed re-wallpapering and painting urgently, carpets needed to be replaced – and the garden was a complete mess! This coupled with the fact that the house was really dark – and even damp in places (as well as being so cold that it was warmer outside then it was inside!!) meant that we won’t be choosing to live there.

The house is for sale too – and most houses need work, so that isn’t the issue necessarily…but when they’re charging almost £1000 a month rent (that’s $1,635 to my American friends) am I really wrong to expect a little bit more for my money!?

I know that this is not so unreasonable for people living in London to pay – but fortunately I live elsewhere – (deemed much cheaper!) and so, for that amount of money, I believe standards should be higher than what we’re seeing.  We continue looking – but in the meantime we’re having fun being nosey!

If you haven’t already done so…please also check out my latest blog “identifamily” as there are some newly scanned photographs there that are ready to be re-united with present day relatives. I’ve collaged some of them below, including a colourful baptism certificate from 1900 that I bought from the second-hand market on Saturday!  Please let me know what you think of them?

I know some of you have visited and even blogged about it – but I would be grateful for any help you can offer or provide in sharing with other friends, cyber or otherwise. I’ve also set up a Facebook fan page – although I only have 12 fans so far. I’ll post a link soon.  

Finally (for today) my beau is doing a sponsored run (10K) for cancer research, in Manchester. His dad died of cancer when he was very young – so this is something very close to his heart. He’s started going to the gym – and indeed running – and so decided that he needed something to train for. You can find the link to his ‘Just Giving’ page HERE should you be interested in finding out anymore. Apparently unless he reaches the minimum £250 target, he is unable to run!! He’s only managed to raise 12% so far, so fingers crossed we can get some more sponsors.

Hope this finds you all well – thanks for stopping by…