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So what’s been happening?

Well firstly, I put an offer into the estate agents for the rent of the most recent house we like (if you haven’t already seen the piccies then you can check them out on the A ROYAL HOUSE post). But, more importantly – it has been accepted! So, currently we are parting with large sums of money, being referenced and credit checked and then, if all goes well, the house is definitely ours…for the forseeable future at least! I am very very VERY excited but am trying to keep it controlled – for the simple reason that nothing has been signed as yet – and I guess things could potentially change!

I pay my rent and all of my bills on time – and I am who I have said I am…honestly – so I’m not really envisaging any problem. Also, my friend and [soon to be] next door neighbour has spoken to the landlady about us – and after such a glowing reference she is very keen to have us as her tenants! However, the house is still listed on the various websites as ‘available’ …but realistically, the landlady has already said that she has accepted our offer so I’m not quite sure if anyone is able to gazzump us or not!? I’m going to say NOT – and just not think about it!

We’ve already spoken about decorating and possible moving dates – but until everything is officially passed, we are unable to confirm or finalise arrangements – or even celebrate! Remember – we STILL have that bottle of champagne on ice! Despite being all up in the air, I’m still VERY excited – and am currently watching loads of garden things on eBay! I can’t believe we’re going to have a garden area of our own!

Fates a funny thing. If we hadn’t have gone out for a drink with our friends a few weeks ago – they might never have told us about the house next door to them for rent – and I might not be writing this post now!

Saturday was also Eurovision – and so we had our usual annual little soiree complete with song compilations, scoresheets, friends, food and sparkling vino (sadly no Bucks Fizz!) I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and its songs – despite the usual tactical voting and unworthy winner. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the winning song this year [by Azerbaijan] – but not quite enough for it to come out tops. I wanted either Italy, Ireland or (obviously) the UK to win. Our entry finished a disappointing 11th – although this was much better than the majority of our last decade’s results where we have come last 3 times now – so we really can’t complain! Germany put on a fantastic show – the venue and stage was stunning with wonderful pyrotechnics, computer generated backdrops and stunning imagery. I look forward to the show next year in Baku.

The following morning we had to get up early as my beau was running the Great Manchester Run for cancer research charities. He finished the 10 kilometre circuit in 1 hour and 2 minutes – which he was very proud of (especially for his first marathon and lack of recent training). I was also very proud of him and the money that he raised for such a fantastic cause. Various friends were also running – so it was great to meet up with them afterwards too for a much deserved beer! Wanna see a few pictures of the day?

I’ll keep you updated on the house – plus I have some NEW pics of Ben (the puppy dog) to share ;-)