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So, even though we don’t officially get the keys until the end of this week – we went to our new house yesterday and spent the day in the garden. We got access through our friends yard who live next door – and we spent the hours happilly weeding and generally sorting, listening to the array of birds nearby.

There is a small disused section that runs down the side of the garden room that we transformed from a previous dumping ground into an area of paving blocks and yorkshire loose stone. It looks so much different, and I would have normally collaged you a before and after shot, but sadly I forgot to take the ‘before’ picture!

Yesterday, through a friends van, we also had our mangle, chimney pot and garden statues moved and delivered – and they are now in situe, pride of place, on our new patio area.  I’ve still got to make the planters up yet – but will do that once we are ‘in’. The weather yesterday was so windy that a constant barrage of leaves fell from the trees – so much so, that we eventually gave up trying to pick them all up!

We also made a lovely trip to our ‘new local’ garden centre and bought some plants and a beautiful hanging basket for the front. Want to see? The garden is still very much a work in progress, but a definite start has been made at least!

We measured the side of the garden room (from the outside) and were pleased to find that a Laura Ashley sofa we have our eye on, will indeed fit no problem – so that is also now on order. How exciting! It’s our major house-warming treat to ourselves – and at half price in the sale, was a real bargain!! It will be perfect for those summer evenings and wintry nights snuggled up overlooking the garden.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t want to return home to our present flat of boxes and much needed packing! Oh well – countdown now to the real thing…