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I absolutely hate it when I see something fantastic on someone else’s page, but then completely forget where I first saw it!!

I can hear Trishia from French Kissed (shop link here) particularly tutting and despairing at me – especially as I believe it might have been her wonderful blog page that I saw the link on in the first place!! Crikey – a double whammy insult if so! A quick re-scan of her blog (link here) has not helped either and I just can’t refind it…anywhere!!

Anyhow, I’m sorry Trishia – and am equally as sorry should the link indeed belong to someone else!! (As a slight redeemer, please message me and we’ll correct it – ok?!)

Anyhow, I saw the link…somewhere…and was immediately moved by the simpleness but wonderful sentiment of the site – and some of its uploaded photographs.

People are asked to submit a photograph of a photograph – of the past in the present! Are you following?! Essentially, you hold an old photograph in the air and take another photograph of it…now…within its exact present day setting.

Still baffled!? Let me present to you a collage then you might get what I’m waffling on about!

Does that make more sense?

There are some absolute beauties on the website (link HERE) of memories past and people gone; – the one above, of the gentleman staring down at the seat he used to share with his late wife, really moved me in particular. I intend to have a look through some old photographs of myself, with a view to taking a similar shot when I go home to see my parents at the weekend. Who knows it might even make the site!