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Whenever life is hard…I love composing music…as it takes me into another world where everything is well, my voice is heard – and I am in control. I think this is a large part of the reason why I became a music therapist.

Recently, however, I’ve also been coming onto the internet as a way of relaxing, unwinding and re-energising…and I am constantly reassured (as I roam around, site to site) about the power, creativity and love of the human race, even within times of great personal and social breakdown, misunderstanding and loss. A blog of a complete stranger can provide so much inspiration, so much hope – and so much love and warmth. A comment left about a post, and often one in return, really can warm the cockles of ones heart.

Because of this, I wanted to share a few blogs, Etsy shops and sites I have found – some more recent than others – that I have enjoyed visiting.

First up is this lovely shop called ‘Dear Emma’ – owned by Cathy and her husband Jamie. I met Cathy, about 18 months ago, at a nearby craft fair. Not only was her stall truly gorgeous – but she was really lovely and friendly – and particularly helpful as I showed her some of my own creative wares and discussed the possibility of my own craft stall. I bumped into her and her husband again, nearly three months ago at a local Art Fair – and couldn’t resist chatting and making some more stunning purchases from her. I LOVE her work! Let me show you…

Working from her workshop in the Yorkshire Dales, Cathy makes a range of textile art products that all include her original appliqué and freehand embroidery designs combined with vintage fabrics. I have three of her keyrings now – and I have lost count of the amount of positive comments, made by other people, about them. I also couldn’t resist buying this ‘blue tit’ brooch which I bought as a possible gift for someone (although have ended up keeping it – and have since attached the sweet bird to my kitchen display shelves).

You can find her Etsy shop HERE – her interesting and informative blog HERE – her website HERE – and her Facebook page HERE! Please stop by, take a look at them all –  and say hello ;-)

Another ‘shout out’ I would like to give is to Pennie – creator of beautiful jewellery and confectionary. A native of Sweden, Pennie currently lives in Iowa with her beau and sells her wares and scrumptious creations on Etsy.

Pennie describes herself as a “designer and creator of gourmet chocolate, candy, jewellery and so much more!” She continues “My jewellery pieces are unique, since they are true one-of-a-kind creations. I guarantee that every creation that comes out of my hands is made with lots of love and devotion. I would not have it any other way. My gourmets are made with only the finest ingredients that I select from Sweden, Belgium, Germany, France and the USA. Using some of my family’s old recipes and adding my own touch to them makes them tasty and out of this world!”

You can find the link to her beautiful Etsy shop HERE – and her blog HERE which showcases her creations, her love of animals, her homeland, her family and her love of Kate Bush! You see – Pennie and I have a lot in common in our love for Kate ;-) and even though I’ve never met Pennie – I can tell she is a beautiful human being – inside and out – and I am proud to count her as one of my cyber friends.

Finally I would like to say hello to ‘Den’ – whose blog I started following just yesterday. I found it completely by accident – through a link of a link of a link…(you know how it is!) but was immediately struck by the simple but exquisite beauty of his work. It reminded me a little of my own – in as much as our shared love of old photographs, fonts, typewriters and short stories – yet Den has taken it one step further by creating beautiful pieces for sale within his Etsy shop – as well as publishing some of them within various books.

As anyone knows who have been following my blog for a while – I adore old black & white photos and love the idea of reconnecting them to present day relatives. Sadly, despite owning literally hundreds and hundreds of them – most of mine do not have any name or points of reference to start researching – and so they sit, loved but un-identified. Those that do, are slowly being processed and reconnected within my latest blog HERE.

Den utilises photographs instead to create new stories out of old – in what he calls ‘flash fiction’. You can check out his Etsy shop HERE and his creative blog ‘Denwrites: A Flash Of Inspiration’ HERE.  Please do check him and his work out.

Three artists in very different capacities for your perusal and enjoyment.