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A couple of months ago, when we had our house warming soiree, my dear friend and next door neighbour brought her daughter’s maths tutor along to our gathering as her guest. I’d never met her before, but had heard many lovely things about her.  She had been born in the village where we all now live – and indeed had spent most of her life here – and so she walked across the fields in her wellies, to our party, in true country style.

Having to socialise around everybody all night, as well as constantly fill wine glasses and bake nibbles, I sadly didn’t get much chance to talk to her as much as I’d hoped – that is until she came to say her goodbyes. As I walked her to the door she handed me an envelope which she asked me to open. Inside was a ‘new home’ card as well as a photograph. She explained that it was a picture of her mum and her mum’s twin sister as babies – taken in 1912 – sadly, both of whom had long since died. A lovely photograph, but I had to ask her why she had given me a copy of something – so precious and so personal.

She smiled and thanked me – for inviting her not only to our party but also to our home – which, she continued to tell us, was the very same house that her mother had been born in 99 years earlier. She had tears in her eyes as she told me that she had never been inside its four walls – ever – and that finally she’d had the chance through our invitation.

And with that – she gave me a kiss, turned and went back on her way…across the fields..in her wellies.

I wanted to share this photograph with you – and have done so with her permission. I’m not exactly sure in which room the original picture was taken – although am thinking the spare bedroom – because the image fits the shape of the room, even though the window seems much bigger in size nowadays.

The twins, Maimie and Mollie, were born in November 1912 – 2 years after the house had been built. I think it is so beautiful that our house was able to touch somebody in such a unique way. I love this photo and the fact that, it too, has touched us, in return, in such a unique way – and I will cherish it as part of our home’s history.