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I’ve always wanted a hymn board.

Call it a flashback to my catholic upbringing, taught by nuns and made to go to mass…or call it a passion for churches, cathedrals or anything religious and iconic – either way, I’ve been searching for the right one for some time now.

But, I have eventually found one in the beautiful ‘Rose and Brown’ vintage boutique, gallery and home-ware shop in West Yorkshire (find the link HERE). I’ve blogged about this wonderful store of gorgeousness before…but they’ve since opened a second shop – and it was HERE through their Facebook page that I found the hymn board that I was looking for. Want to see it?

What do you think? What I also loved about it, is that it came with a beautiful wooden box full of numbers! As you can see from the photo above it looks perfect on my garden room wall too – and has already become a talking piece when friends have been to visit! Most like it – others think it weird!

Be sure to check out both Rose & Brown shops – and their organised vintage fashion shows, fairs & events – should you ever be in West Yorkshire ;-) …details on their website.