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I have borrowed this idea from Catherine – who often describes “the moments that inspire or take your breath away, comfort or heal” over on her blog “Jumbleberry Orchard” – which you can find HERE.

The last month has been very very busy with many many commitments (some of which I’ll be blogging about soon) including hen weekends, weddings, day trips, 40th birthdays and several parties – so much so…that last night I sat, totally exhausted, and thought about some of the things I have either completely missed or taken for granted within these busy times – realising that these are indeed the ‘simple pleasures’ that Catherine describes so beautifully in her world.

As life seems to be on fast forward for me at the moment, I’ve decided that it’s particularly important to truly cherish (what may at first appear nothing more than little things) the things that make us smile, the things that remind us how lucky we are to be alive and the things that heal us…often when we truly need it the most.  I’d like to continue sharing some of these with you – every now and again – as and when they come into my head.

A glass of cold milk before bed

Seeing my sister for the first time in nearly a year

Working on the laptop whilst hearing my beau busying himself in the next room

My cat sitting on my lap purring 

Beautiful cream roses in a vase sitting on the dining table, given to us by a friend

The sound of rain outside on the velux windows

A lovely appreciative comment from someone you’ve never met on your blog

Homemade pumpkin and carrot soup on my return home from work

Freshly washed sheets on the bed

The sound of my mother’s voice on the other end of the telephone

A brand new (although much needed) toothbrush

A stranger’s smile 

The smell of freshly made coffee

Being called ‘young man’ by people…when I’m clearly not anymore ;-(

Dancing for hours and forgetting how much it will hurt the next day! 

My beau blowing a kiss across the room, as he goes to bed, to say goodnight – & catching mine in return

Standing and staring at the stunning colours of Autumn

…are just some of the simple pleasures that have happened this week.

*photo taken last week at Chatsworth House