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Last week was my beau’s 40th birthday. We’ve spent the last 6 years talking about his next milestone – …and finally it has arrived – and so we decided that we needed to celebrate it in style – 80s style that is! My beau and I both adore 80s music and so it was only natural that we were going to organise a birthday party involving this era.

So, we hired our friend’s art / wine bar – and utilised their projector by visually blasting out classic 80s videos on silent, whilst blended compilation CDs of ours – along with our DJ friend Marc – filled our eardrums with old vinyl and old favourite 80s tunes. We asked that people arrive in 80s fancy dress – and thankfully most people did. Pop icons filled the bar – everything from Adam Ant to Madonna to Tina Turner to Siouxsie Sioux to Phil Oakey to Cyndi Lauper! Everyone looked so colourful and timeless! You can see me – dressed as Adam Ant – top left with my sister on the picture below.

Want to see a few pics?

My beau really wasn’t bothered about getting a cake – although I decided the week before (how to make your life difficult!!) that actually we should go for it! So I had one cake decorated with a picture of my beau, taken when he was aged 5 – and the other cake I decided to do myself! As we’re both vinyl mad, I decided to design a turntable complete with edible turntable (sadly Trishia, the old 45 single is the ‘real thing’ and would certainly hurt your teeth if you bit into that!) For my first cake ever I was quite pleased with the result. Despite getting lots of help from my neighbour, I really am not sure if I’ll be making another one in a hurry! I surrounded the cake with retro sweets from our childhood to add further nostalgia to the party – check out those Sherbert Dips, Dib Dabs, candy necklaces, Drumsticks, Black Jacks, Fizz Wizz’s, Flying Saucers and Love Hearts…to name but a few!

Friends and family came from all over the country – and a fantabulous (& very drunken) time was had by all!!

For my beau’s actual birthday, we went to Chatsworth House – a stately home in the heart of Derbyshire. It’s somewhere that we both absolutely love – and so, we used this as an opportunity to revisit, taking in both the house and its garden – as well as the converted stables, shops and cafes! It really is stunning there – and we had such beautiful weather – especially for the end of October! The grounds are full of beautiful statues and sculptures – including some recent Damien Hirst pieces.

A beautiful and very active week – I’m sure you’ll agree!