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I went home at the weekend to visit my mum and dad – which proved, as ever, a photo opportunity to take some pictures of their little doggy Ben! He is now 18 months old and still as cute – however, he appears to have lost his desire for being a photographic model. I had to hold a treat in my hand to even get him to pose! Want to see?

He still is gorgeous!

I was also able to take a few piccies of my puddy-cat as she slept on the new sofa. She has been caught scratching it on numerous occasions and so normally is now banned from going on it unsupervised…however, she looked so cute that I couldn’t bring myself to move her! I forgave her for her sneekiness and shrewdness. We bartered and she agreed to a few snapshots in return for another hour of sofa-time! ;-)

Aren’t furry friends beautiful!