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Living where we now live is great for many reasons; the countryside, peace and quiet, nice neighbours etc etc etc – but also due to its proximity to so many lovely places.

Holmfirth is literally now only a couple of miles away – and is host to so many different festivals (music, food, drink, culture, arts & craft) as well as many other planned activities throughout the year. One of which is the Holmfirth Art Market, run by artists, for artists, to help promote their work to a wider audience. Over 90 designers, jewellers, artists, textilers and crafters congregate over two consecutive Sundays to display and sell their creative wares. The market happens twice a year and I always try to go as it’s a wonderful afternoon out; I’ve also been thinking of applying to have a stall myself!

This year, I was very pleased to meet a lovely young lady there called Gillian Lee Smith – a mixed media artist from Nottingham who sells paintings, sculptural characters and textile adornments; all of which she says are inspired by dreams, memories and the art of storytelling. You can see a link to her Etsy shop HERE.

I fell in love with several of her paintings and prints – although one, in particular, spoke to me entitled “The Heart That Cannot Be Hidden” which I couldn’t resist from buying from her stall! Want to see a photograph?

Isn’t she beautiful!

I am currently making the spare bedroom homely (for our guests) and this picture is perfect for the soft gold and white tones of the room – and greets us as soon as you walk into the space. I absolutely adore it – and it’s great to have something so contemporary in our home, other than our usual Victoriana! (Although, I guess that’s why I like the subject of this however!) Gillian’s friend also makes the frames.

(photos courtesy of Gillian’s Etsy shop).

Please check out Gillian’s blog HERE for some more information about her work and her approach, as well as her Facebook page HERE – and please stop by and say hello to her.