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We’ve been in the house exactly 6 months now – hasn’t it flown quickly! It feels like we’ve been here forever – and the last place we lived seems nothing more than a distant memory now!

We’re looking forward to our first Christmas in the new house – plus we’ve got both of my parents coming for the festive period…along with my beau’s mum and the immediate family too – it’s going to be great! (It’s my dad’s and mother-in-law’s birthday too!!) I’ve already started getting things in for their visit – plus we’ve been buying many things to decorate the house. We’re having our annual bottle and bauble party in a couple of weeks – so we want everywhere to look nice for that too. Want to see what we’ve been buying?

First up is this beautiful gold Christmas tree musical snow-globe. I’ve adored snow-globes since being a boy and had a small globe as a child – and I constantly turned it upside down to see its small world disappear under a whirl of snow. I’ve wanted to purchase a nice one for many years now – and just haven’t seen the right one! This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, although I do absolutely love it (however, I just wish there was a bit more snow within!) We also purchased a musical Nutcracker wooden gentleman (at the request of my beau) who holds a numerical countdown to Christmas display in his wooden arms. We also bought a berry wreath for the door and a longer pine cone version for the dining table. Neither of these are real – yet everyone who has seen them have commented on how life-like they both appear. It’s now hanging proudly on our front door. It’s slightly early – but we’re really going for it this year!

Of course, we bought some crackers for the Christmas Day dining table – and we also bought a contemporary gold angel for the fireplace and many new baubles and decorations for both the tree and mantlepiece. We’re planning on buying our tree at the weekend – so I’ll take a few photographs of the finished display and share it with you on here then – once it’s fully decorated.  I’m getting very excited already!