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I only had time to blog once in December – so thought I’d have a little look back today, the 1st of January – at what’s been happening this last month through some photographs.

We had snow: not tons…but enough to cover the garden…and enough to cause road traffic so that it took me over 3 hours to reach work!

We had friends round, decorated the tree and opened the tinned chocolates far too early!

We shopped and shopped…and wrapped presents, wrestled queues and bought food – and finally watched for Santa from every window.

We hosted my parents over the festive period as well as the in-laws – and little Ben puppy-dog!

We drank, we ate, we opened presents, we cleaned, we travelled, we visited, we partied, we cleaned, we celebrated, we rested, we slept, we cleaned…

…then finally my beau and I spent New Years Eve alone – with only champagne,  curry, chocolate and music for company…it was truly wonderful ;-)

Now, here I sit, on the second anniversary of this blog – and on the start of another year, wishing you ALL a very happy 2012 full of love, light, luck & laughter x