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I particularly like receiving presents (Christmas or birthday) that are for the house – something I can display and link to the person who bought it…with love. However, most of my friends and family daren’t take that risk…something which I don’t fully understand! They often say “I saw something but I didn’t know if you’d like it – so, I didn’t bother in the end!!”

Yes, I know what I like, admittedly, but the house has my personality, stamp and taste written all over it….so, surely very clear for people to see when they come and visit. Personally I think I’m by far the easiest person I know to buy for! ;-) But due to this, I often receive money instead – especially from family – with a request to buy something for myself on my travels. So…this is what I have done…and ok, at least I can buy exactly what I want!

This is a photograph of our spare room (ready for all you fellow bloggers to come and stay!) in which we have a few new finds. I bought an Edwardian chest of drawers off eBay for a bargain price with some of our gifted money. They were in situe locally and so I went to see them on the way home from work, ending up with them in the boot within the half hour! They’re not too big and so the perfect size for the spare room and for our guests to use at their will. The subtle smokey lilac-grey bedspread was also a bargain festive find – and reminds me of the candlewick bedspreads from my youth…and looks great on the end of the bed. (Click on the pic for a closer look).

Downstairs, we also have a few other gifts bought from monetary donation. I use to own an oil lamp that belonged to my late sister, which sadly got broken many years ago. I used some of my Christmas money to buy a replacement antique one, which now has pride of place on the mantlepiece. In the same antique shop, they also had this brass ecclesiastical church candlestick which I fell in love with due to its battered state. It seriously looks as if it’s been dropped from a great height at some point – but it just adds mystery and character to its history in my opinion.

My beau also got a vintage Crombie tweed coat from the same shop which he hasn’t taken off since! It was a snip of a price and fitted him perfectly.

I also want to show you a beautiful gift that I received from a fellow blogger ‘Tialys’ AKA Lynne, in response to a competition she ran over on her own blog – which you can find here. It was very much appreciated and loved (especially as I didn’t win!) and became the perfect festive accompaniment on the coffee table, housing the much prized Quality Street & Roses chocolate sweets!

So there you have it…a few new gorgeous additions to the Houdini household…or as some family & friends have called it about the ‘more antique’ of my purchases “…more junk to dust!”

Thank goodness I disagree ;-)