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My dad always said to me:
“Son, to be happy for a few hours…get a drink. To be happy for a few years…get a spouse. To be happy forever…get a garden”

A lot of my family and ancestors appeared to have been either musicians or gardeners in their spare time; I have been lucky – as I enjoy both! I spend a large part of my working week as a musician, but yet, love spending time in the garden whenever I get the chance.

I have recently enjoyed creating winter window boxes for the front of the house – as well as filling the stone pots with winter plants including evergreens, miniature conifers, pansies, violas, primulas, cyclamens to name but a few ;-) in the back garden. I love colour all year round.

I also really love how a garden changes continually throughout the year – and I have just collaged this little collection of photographs taken in the short time we’ve been in this house.

As well as plants, I also love buying ‘accessories’ for the garden – and have recently purchased a second mangle (this time for the front garden), a vintage rusty milk churn and an old Victorian iron wheel (that most probably belonged to an old wheel barrow) all cheaply off eBay. I love how they give the garden added character.

We have bulbs coming up already – so am looking forward to seeing the next chapter of this garden’s evolution too!