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Sorry I haven’t been here for a while – time just passes!

I’ve started another days music therapy employment, had 2 reports to write for work, been busy in the garden, catching up with friends here and afar – plus I’ve celebrated my birthday…all in a short space of time – so it’s all been go, go, GOOOO!

I do have various things to share with you over the coming weeks…but thought I’d gently ease myself back in tonight with a few piccies of the kitten Misty.

Butter wouldn’t melt!? Wanna bet?

She’s fully recovered now from her illness – which turned out to be E-Coli !!! She is growing up fast and appears to be getting bigger and longer each day. Her and Merlin are getting on ok considering – although it really is Misty that is the instigator of all of the trouble between them! Misty hides and essentially sky-dives onto Merlin’s back and thoroughly stalks and haunts her at every opportunity. It goes beyond playing – Merlin really appears terrorised! It’s a good job Merlin is a house cat, otherwise I seriously think she would have packed her cat-bags by now and disappeared for pastures new.

Thankfully Merlin still has the run of the upstairs and attic space, somewhere that Misty only dreams of going – she’s explored a couple of times after dodging our fancy footwork at the door – so at least Merlin has some peaceful time away from the kitten…plus she gets to sleep on our bed EVERY night!

They sometimes eat next to each other, and they can bear to sit in the same room at the same time…sometimes – and so we do have some cute photos of them together ;-) However, it’s mostly mayhem!

Misty is half Bengal and half British Short Hair – and whilst content sitting by us and purring herself silly, I think the Bengal in her is impossible to ever tame and she’s just a wild wild WILD child. Ok, she’s still only 15 weeks old so it’s part of the normal kitten process – but she really is completely and utterly bonkers! She is cute though isn’t she!?!

Oh, how the house has changed since she arrived – although we couldn’t imagine being without her though! Could we?!