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Due to work commitments I was unable to do too much to celebrate my birthday this year. We had a group of friends round for a curry banquet – but I normally like to go somewhere for the day with my beau; usually to a ruined castle or the seaside ;-) I managed one afternoon off – so we decided to go to an architectural salvage place situated about 12 miles from where we live. It’s always a lovely afternoon out as it’s full of so many beautiful things and placed over 4 huge floors.

Based within a former textile mill, the premises have been lovingly restored to provide the perfect backdrop for their stunning finds. The company specialise in providing furniture and fittings for bars and restaurants to the US, here in the UK as well as other places abroad – although they sell so much more that it would take me forever to list what they stock. Everything from derelict churches, architectural metalwork, antiques, wood carvings, garden statues, vintage industrial furniture to decorative lighting and retail display fixtures can be found there – most of which are completely unique too!

I’ll share with you some photographs which might give you more of an idea of the kind of things I mean. The first collage are some pictures that I took during our visit, the second collage are some shots from their website. (Click on the photos for a closer look!)

Isn’t there some beautiful things!! Despite EVERYTHING being for sale – it really is like walking around a museum. If only I had the money and space…I would buy SOOOOO much stuff!!!

Anyhow, I couldn’t resist buying one thing – and decided to use some birthday money I had received towards its purchase!

Yes, I purchased this Edwardian dressing table – which is over 6ft tall – and now sits, as you can see from the photograph, pride of place in our bedroom! What do you think? Even the beau loved it – so it must be good! The mirror is huge and is framed by two small shelves. Sadly it had a matching wardrobe and washstand, but we have neither the money to buy them nor the space to house them at the minute. The seller was reluctant to split the set up at first, which I could completely understand, yet he finally gave in. The dresser was delivered on my birthday morning as the perfect present too!

We’ve been looking for the right dressing table for a while now and had even been looking at new ones which had been made to look antique; but what was so great about this set of drawers was that they worked out cheaper than a lot of the modern reproductions we had seen for sale!

I wonder what stories they could tell if only they could talk?!