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From an unusual late March heatwave…

…to a snowy April beginning!

Can you even believe that these two photographs were taken literally days apart!?!

That’s British weather for you! I awoke this morning to a winter wonderland which brings a mixture of emotions; on one hand the knowledge that we’re snowed in, the car won’t move and I can’t get to work is slightly pleasurable as it’s reminiscent of those rare but wonderful days of my youth when the weather meant that you couldn’t get to school or that the building simply had to close!! But on the other hand, it also brings sadness in the damage that last night’s wind and snowfall has done to the blossoming spring garden.

I had only commented days ago to my beau how beautiful the garden was starting to look – with blossoming plants, flowers and trees – spring fresh, new and simply beautiful. Today, some of these plants are looking very sorry for themselves; arched and downtrodden from the weight of the snow, some are simply refusing, or just plain unable, to resurrect their former glory with their stems now bent, broken or heavy.

Some plants simply require canes, garden string and a bit of TLC – whilst others look like they won’t ever recover. I know nature will surprise me and the garden will recover in its own way, but for now the spring magic has disappeared and snow is all around.