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My beau is currently working a string of night-shifts and therefore sleeping throughout the day – so I have found myself sitting in the garden room a lot – especially as it is the furthest room from the bedroom. Here I sit, out of ear-shot, feet up on the sofa, looking at your blogs and endlessly surfing the web, following one link to another…to another…to another…often aimlessly. Even so, I love it and it is my idea of pure indulgence (especially avec chocolate!)

I have a view of the garden and Misty-Blue is sitting alongside me; sometimes purring, but mostly playing and biting! We had some recent problems with the central heating system and the garden room radiator decided to stop working all together! Within these recent winter moments it has been unbearably cold. However, it is now fixed (after the plumber turned it upside down and round about) and despite revealing an unsightly and unpainted side (I really must get onto that!) it now is possibly the warmest room in the house! It also has two velux windows within its slopping ceiling too – so the room is always well lit – especially in the summer when we get the sun on the back for most of the day.

So here I sit…enjoying the view and the silence. Heaven. I may be here for some time…