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At exactly the same time we moved in this house, we noticed a local derelict mill (less than a mile away) had been turned into a cafe – and was about to open its doors. We’ve been there several times since for a cooked breakfast – but mostly for coffee and cake as we’re passing. But, what I particularly like about this place is that it has it’s own adjoining ‘antiques’ centre, which you can only access through the cafe itself. Here you’ll find a mixture of modern and old goods for sale – everything from clothes to furniture to homeware; most of which are at affordable prices too. I snapped these pictures on my phone of things for sale during my latest visit.

I have bought several things from them over time – but have always had my eye on one item in particular. This item had appeared on their publicity leaflets and has always been ‘not for sale’ despite mine and other people’s requests to buy it; but yesterday I noticed, to my delight, that a price tag had indeed finally been fixed. Of course I bought it – and I am now owner of this antique butter Dazey churn. It sits proudly on my kitchen window sill.

What do you think? In case you were interested, I found several informative websites online about the history of butter churning – including this one HERE which talks about the invention of these glass butter churns in the early 1900s.