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I remember first studying the Titanic at primary school. I would have been about 10 and I remember being mesmerised by this tragic story – an interest that has remained with me ever since. I remember asking for a book for Christmas which was all about the ship – newly written with colour photographs after it’s location had been found after years and years of searching. I still have this book today.

I use to wonder why this particular piece of history held so much interest and importance to my life – that sometimes I use to think that maybe I had some connection with this boat in a previous life. Of course friends have always laughed at me with innuendo’s such as “Trust you to have gone down on the Titanic!” ;-)

Regardless, 100 years ago tonight, this titanic vessel made contact with an iceberg which ultimately led to its demise. I wanted to acknowledge this in some way.

RIP Titanic and to all of those people who lost their lives exactly 100 years ago.