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My beau’s nephew, Dan, came to visit on Friday for a couple of days – as it was still the Easter holidays. We had promised him a belated birthday treat – which included pizza, popcorn and a DVD of his choice. We also took him to Ponderosa – an animal farm in West Yorkshire – as he is currently wanting to work with animals after leaving college and so we thought he’d thoroughly enjoy this experience.

They have all sorts of rare breed animals there, as well as birds, birds of prey, fish, insects, large and small mammals – and reptiles! Of course, I took my camera and ended up with some great close-up shots for our nephew to keep as memories of his visit too.

I have been several times over the years – and have watched the farm grow from a small holding, originally set up for children and adults with disabilities – to what it is today; an established visitor centre which provides care for many different animals and work placements for adults with special needs. It really is a lovely afternoon out – and our nephew thoroughly enjoyed himself, sharing his knowledge and telling us all about the different animals he encountered throughout his visit.

He particularly loves horses and dreams of working with them one day – and so was really pleased to have the chance to stroke and have his photograph taken with one.

My own favourites included a parrot who copied everything you said (as well as repetitively asking you for a kiss!) I also loved the reindeers who continued to make the most beautiful sounds as we talked to them. I’m not a fan of snakes or spiders – so I stayed well clear of those!

If you’re ever in the area it’s worth a visit – and you can find out more about the place HERE